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Our Catalog of Vanilla and our Derivatives

Our Catalogue: Discover the Elegance of Flavors
and the Art of Vanilla

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Discover our exceptional range of vanillas and derived products, from the best origins.

From Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar, made by us in our workshops in Madagascar, to vanillas imported from Papua, Indonesia, Uganda and the Comoros, each product is selected for its superior quality.

We are proud to also present our unique creations: natural vanilla extracts, different qualities of vanilla powder, as well as our innovations such as the famous Casa Vainilla vanilla pearl.

Explore our catalog and let yourself be transported by the richness of our flavors, designed to delight your senses and enrich your culinary creations.

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Madasgascar Bourbon Vanilla

Bourbon from Madagascar

Meticulously prepared in our workshops in Madagascar, our vanillas, including the famous Gourmet Black Vanilla, European Red Vanilla, US Red Vanilla, and Cuts, are refined for months in wooden trunks lined with paraffin sheets. Part of this precious harvest is intended for export to our subsidiary in France, Casa Vainilla, where they undergo strict controls, are analyzed, packaged and carefully labeled before being distributed to our European artisans and manufacturers. In addition, part of this selection is reserved for our creations of derivatives such as our vanilla extract, our Pearl or even our Vanilla Powders, thus offering a varied range of products with exceptional qualities to our customers.

It should be noted that our direct export from Madagascar is mainly reserved for large quantities, generally favored by wholesalers and manufacturers. Orders are accepted from a minimum of 25 kg, ensuring that our precious vanilla beans meet the needs of professionals looking for large volumes.

Gourmet Black Vanilla

Gourmet Black Vanilla, the undisputed reference at Casa Vainilla. Popular with artisans, ice cream makers and pastry chefs, this vanilla embodies excellence. Its flexibility, its richness in oil and its fatty texture make it the ideal ally for any creation. Charismatic and generous in flavors, it is the favorite of professionals, where quality and passion meet at Casa Vainilla.

Our CUTS vanilla

“Cuts” Vanilla is ideal for extraction and professional applications such as distillation, perfumery, and extract manufacturing. This variety, dried to minimize humidity, is also practical for infusions, offering excellent quality and ease of use.

Vanilla Cuts

TK quality, although not classified as gourmet black vanilla due to some less conventional characteristics, nevertheless offers an interesting flavor profile. With a slightly lower humidity level and a sometimes more modest vanillin level, it reveals delicate, woody and floral aromas that delight the taste buds. Although it may appear less visually appealing, it reveals its true treasure in its flavor. Its excellent value for money makes it an ideal choice for everyday use.

Vanilla TK

Our Red Vanillas

At Casa Vainilla, we offer two distinct qualities of red vanilla: Rouge Europe and Rouge US. Although these two grades are almost identical in terms of flavor profile, the main difference is in their moisture content. The Rouge Europe quality, with a humidity level between 15% and 25%, offers a slightly flexible texture and delicate, subtly woody and floral aromas. These characteristics make it particularly popular with perfumers and extractors. We also use Rouge Europe vanilla to manufacture our derivatives, such as vanilla extract and vanilla powder, ensuring high quality products for our customers.

The US Red quality, on the other hand, has a humidity level of less than 15%, making it extremely dry and ideal for vanillin extraction. Despite its less attractive visual appearance, it offers a powerful and constant aromatic profile, very appreciated by manufacturers and extractors. At Casa Vainilla, we also exploit US Red vanilla for the production of our derivatives, such as vanilla extract and vanilla powder, thus ensuring products with intense and long-lasting aromas for our customers.

Tahitensis from Papua New Guinea

We offer a diversity of vanillas from several renowned regions around the world. Our vanilla beans are imported directly from local producers, guaranteeing authenticity and superior quality. Our different origins include :


  • Indonesia, the world's second largest exporter, offering Planifolia vanilla pods with notes of dried fruit and honey.

  • ​Papua New Guinea, with the Tahitensis variety, whose vanilla is increasingly popular for its robust and spicy aromas. Known for its distinct aromatic notes of licorice, slightly aniseed.

  • Uganda, is particularly recognized for its aromatic notes of chocolate, spices such as cinnamon, and woody touches.


Our Natural Vanilla Extracts

Immerse yourself in the olfactory world of our precious vanilla extract, made exclusively from Casavainilla vanilla pods and without the use of oleoresin.
The quintessence of our extract comes from a meticulous process: we capture the vanillin molecules from rigorously selected pods by combining them with a solution of ethanol and water.
We have the privilege of offering you two emblematic varieties: the rich Bourbon, originally from Madagascar, and the exotic Tahitensis, from Papua.
The uniqueness of our vanilla extract lies in its preservative-free manufacturing process. It is designed on a sugar or alcohol support, with or without grains. This healthy composition allows you to capture the deep, delicate and fruity aroma which perfectly embodies the unrivaled flavor of vanilla pod.

Our vanilla extracts are available in three distinct concentrations: 200gr/l, 300gr/l and 400gr/l. Thus, you have the freedom to select the concentration that best matches your culinary preparations, allowing you to achieve the desired aromatic intensity.

Made in France

Personalize your tailor-made extract

Innovate and dare!

Together we develop the vanilla extract that meets your needs or desires.

You can customize the density, concentration, vanilla varieties and aromatic strength of your vanilla extract. We are able to produce vanilla extracts that are mild and subtle, as well as extracts that are more intense and full-bodied.

Our Casa Vainilla Vanilla Powders

Full pod vanilla powder, but what does that mean exactly? Well, let us explain! The “full pod” designation is a guarantee of quality that distinguishes our vanilla powder. We use exclusively the highest quality whole vanilla beans to create this exceptional powder, known as Grade A Full Bean. Made in France, each pod is carefully selected, then dried, crushed and carefully sifted to obtain an incredibly fine texture.

We also offer Grade B, a standard quality that provides an excellent balance for value for money.

Grade C, or spent powder, contains almost no vanillin. This grade is often used by industries seeking a less expensive substitute for specific applications where the presence of vanilla is not crucial.

Our vanilla powders are extremely easy to use, you will have no trouble incorporating them into your favorite recipes. They are ideally used in biscuits and pastries, providing a rich aroma and deep flavor to your creations. However, they are rarely used in ice cream making, where other forms of vanilla may be preferred for their texture or ability to infuse.

Three origins available:

Madagascar, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea.

Three qualities available:

Grade A Full Pod, Grade B Classic, Grade C Sold Out.

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Our vanilla innovations: The Pearl and Bourbon vanilla paste

Casa-Vainilla Bourbon Vanilla Pearl

The Bourbon Vanilla Pearl, jewel of our range, is the pinnacle of elegance and aromatic power. Made from a rigorous selection of fresh vanilla seeds and concentrated extract, this high-end pearl gives an intense and refined flavor to all your preparations, whether sweet or savory. Presented in the form of a dense, black, smooth and shiny paste, it is easy to use and dose, capturing the very essence of vanilla in each pearl. A delicacy particularly prized by master ice cream makers, who find it a great ally to enhance their frozen creations.

As for Bourbon Vanilla Paste, it is made from less noble components, such as spent powder and spent seeds, enriched with vanilla extract and a touch of sugar to sweeten the mixture. This paste offers a creamy texture and mixes easily, bringing a deep and enriched flavor to your creams, pastries and desserts. Although it does not rival the purity of our pearls, this paste remains an economical choice for adding a vanilla note to your creations.

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