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Our journey from Passion to Innovation

Our history


Casa Vainilla, founded by Cédric Samson and his wife, Julie Raoliarivelo, is the result of a shared passion and a common vision of equity.

Former chef who worked with starred chefs in Courchevel, Saint-Tropez, and Corsica, found a new vocation during a trip to Madagascar, where he met his future partner, as motivated as he was to start this beautiful adventure.

For Cédric, the preparation of vanilla was akin to the culinary art, requiring rigor and attention to detail. This similarity strengthened his love for this profession, leading him to merge his passion for gastronomy with that for vanilla.

His wife, Julie, driven by the desire to promote the riches of Madagascar, saw in Casa Vainilla a way to promote the global recognition of Malagasy vanilla.

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In 2020, responding to the expansion of Casa Vainilla and the growing demand from European markets, they created a subsidiary in France, Casa Vainilla France. This step made it possible to import their production into France to distribute it in large and small quantities, to manufacturers and artisans, thus facilitating commercial and financial exchanges and offering the opportunity for a short circuit. The subsidiary also created a new passion for aromatic extraction, which made it possible to innovate on new products and to diversify by also importing vanilla from various sources such as Papua, Indonesia, and Uganda.

In 2018, affected by the difficult living conditions of vanilla planters, Cédric and Julie decided to found in Madagascar, the company Casa Vainilla, a Bourbon vanilla producer dedicated not only to the transformation of green vanilla into quality black vanilla. but also to the implementation of fair practices. Their goal was to redefine the standards of the vanilla market by providing support and recognition to local farmers.


This subsidiary quickly became a thriving innovation center, specializing in the development of new products such as vanilla flavors, vanilla powder and innovations such as Bourbon vanilla pearl. She continues to actively explore the potential of flavors and aromas, strengthening Casa Vainilla's position as a leader in the vanilla industry.

Today, Casa Vainilla perfectly illustrates the couple's commitment to ethical and innovative production, linking Madagascar and Europe, and continuing to captivate and satisfy the most demanding palates.

Towards a Sustainable Future
Building tomorrow together

At Casa Vainilla, our journey is not only guided by a passion for quality but also by a deep commitment to fair practices and sustainable development. We are proud to connect the fertile lands of Madagascar with European culinary creativity, bringing rich, authentic flavors to cuisines and industries around the world.

Our ambitions for the future do not stop at producing high quality vanilla. We aspire to substantially improve the daily lives of our planters by building wells, schools, and facilitating their access to basic necessities. Additionally, achieving Fairtrade certification is a major goal for us, ensuring that our production meets the strictest fair trade criteria.

We invite you to explore our catalog to discover the diversity of our products and to follow us on our social networks to stay informed of our innovations and our projects. At Casa Vainilla, each vanilla pod carries with it a story of transformation, passion and respect for our land and its farmers.

Join us on this aromatic adventure, where each flavor tells a story and each product embodies our commitment to a more equitable and tasty future.


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