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Interview with Cedric Samson

Founder & President Casavainilla France-Madagascar

Cedric Samson
Founder Casa-Vainilla

Can you introduce your business to us?

I am passionate about vanilla! As a preparer and exporter of Bourbon vanilla in Madagascar, as well as a producer of extracts in France, I run Casa Vainilla. The name of our company, which means "Vanilla House" in Catalan, honors my roots in Perpignan. We strive to produce the highest quality vanilla while respecting sustainable and fair practices.

Where do you operate and for how long?

I divide my time between Madagascar and France, although I am mainly based in Madagascar. In 2018, my wife and I founded Casa Vainilla SARL in Antalaha, the vanilla capital, where we prepare our precious Bourbon vanilla. In 2020, we expanded our operations by creating Casa Vainilla SASU near Perpignan, France, to import our Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar and other varieties from around the world. We produce various derivatives such as vanilla extract, vanilla sugar, pearls, and vanilla paste to offer natural and quality products to professionals.

What is your background?

I was born in Perpignan into a family of restaurateurs, where my passion for cooking took root. At 17, I started a vocational training program in culinary arts in Paris, at CFA Médéric and the restaurant La Tour d'Argent. This experience allowed me to discover the subtleties of French gastronomy. After my apprenticeship, I worked as a seasonal worker in various luxury hotels in France, including St Tropez, Courchevel, and Corsica. The most memorable experience was at Les Airelles in Courchevel, where I had the chance to work with exceptional products. During my off-seasons, I traveled and fell in love with Madagascar and its unique flora. This passion led to the founding of Casa Vainilla SARL in 2018. In 2020, I created Casa Vainilla SASU in France to diversify our products with vanilla from around the world and continue to innovate.

What are the biggest challenges you have faced in your entrepreneurial journey?

There have been several. One of the biggest challenges was mastering the techniques for preparing vanilla in Madagascar, which are very different from the cooking methods I was used to. Additionally, obtaining the necessary approval for exporting vanilla was a major obstacle due to the very strict regulations. Establishing a company in France while staying connected to Madagascar also required rigorous management and impeccable communication.

What is your diploma?

I obtained a vocational training diploma in culinary arts, but for me, cooking was much more than a professional training. It taught me discipline, determination, organization, humility, solidarity, perfectionism, respect for products, and the love of sharing. All these qualities are precious to me in my current field.

What is your flagship product?

Our flagship product is the Bourbon vanilla pod. It is the basis of all our products, and we are extremely proud of its exceptional quality. Its aromatic richness makes it an essential ingredient for our customers.

What is the best vanilla? Are they similar?

For me, there is no vanilla better than another. Each variety has its own flavors, appearances, smells, tastes, and unique characteristics. It all depends on personal preferences. However, we can compare vanillas of the same species based on their quality, which depends on how they are grown, harvested, and prepared. Vanilla is like ice cream: even if two ice cream makers use the same vanilla, the final taste will depend on their craftsmanship.

Why did you choose this profession?

It's a mix of chance and passion. I love adventure, and vanilla fascinates me with its subtlety. Working in contact with nature gives me a deep sense of connection and vitality that I wouldn't trade for anything else.

What passions drive your work?

There are several. The passion for creating unique flavors and aromas to share with enthusiasts around the world is what drives us the most. Satisfying our customers and helping them be proud to use our vanilla in their creations is also very important. But the greatest passion is the belief that we can make a significant difference in the lives of our producers by helping them reach their full potential. By working with them, we contribute to their growth and development, which has a positive impact on their lives and those of their communities. This opportunity to make a significant difference inspires me every day.

What are your goals in this work?

We aim to make passionate professionals aware of our existence and pass on our expertise through our quality products. We offer them the opportunity to discover and work with exceptional products.

What are your future plans for Casa Vainilla?

At Casa Vainilla, we have ambitious plans both in France and Madagascar. In France, we plan to develop our range of aromatic extracts and diversify our products to meet our customers' needs. In Madagascar, our priority is to support our local producers and improve their daily lives. We are considering building wells to provide access to clean drinking water and creating schools in rural areas to offer better educational opportunities to the producers' children. By investing in these infrastructures, we hope to have a positive impact on their lives and communities.

Our commitment to fair trade remains at the heart of our actions, ensuring fair working conditions and fair incomes for our producers while promoting a sustainable and environmentally friendly economic model.

Where can we reach you?

You can reach us on our website, where you will easily find our contact details. You can also follow us on social media to stay informed about our news and new products.

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