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Our French and European Artisans

French craftsman

At Casa Vainilla, we deeply value our partnerships with artisans such as ice cream makers, pastry chefs and chocolatiers, who demand excellence in every ingredient. To meet their specific needs, we offer not only our Bourbon vanilla beans, but also a varied selection of other origins such as Uganda, Papua and Indonesia, thus offering a greater range of aromas and characteristics.

Through our French subsidiary, artisans can obtain vanilla extract, powder, vanilla pearl and paste, all available in small packages ideal for their culinary creations. This diversity of products and vanillas is an exclusivity that we offer to artisans to enrich their palette of flavors.

Our short circuits guarantee impeccable quality and competitive prices, allowing artisans to maintain the excellence of their products while fighting inflation. We are dedicated to supporting French culinary traditions by providing artisans with ingredients that allow them to create uncompromising creations.

Quality, Diversity and Flexibility

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Our Industrialists: International Alliances

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Quantity, Compliance and Traceability in Supply

At Casa Vainilla, we offer our industrial customers around the world direct access to an extensive range of Madagascar vanilla beans, recognized for their exceptional quality. We ensure the export of our products to a global clientele, including in Europe, the United States, and Asia, while respecting the highest standards of quality and traceability.

For our customers in Europe, our French subsidiary provides additional advantages. It facilitates access to derivative products such as extracts, powder, and vanilla pearls, while managing customs formalities. This specific offer allows our European partners to simplify the integration of these products into their manufacturing processes, by eliminating logistical and administrative obstacles.

We are committed to providing impeccable quality and service tailored to the specific needs of each industrial customer, thereby strengthening lasting partnerships based on trust and excellence.


Our Distributor: Direct Access to Our Flavors

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At Casa Vainilla, our resellers are essential in connecting our high-quality products to end consumers, especially because we do not sell directly to individuals. To facilitate this distribution, we have developed packaging specially adapted to the needs of delicatessens and other retail outlets. These small packages, perfect for individual customers, allow resellers to offer our exceptional vanilla in more accessible and practical formats.

By working closely with our resellers, we not only ensure efficient and widespread distribution of our products but also provide targeted marketing support and product training to maximize their success. This strategy allows our partners to meet diverse customer needs and preferences, strengthening their competitiveness in the market while making our premium vanilla available to every fine flavor lover.

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Customer service

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